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Push Notifications


Push Notifications Allow....

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App Share

app share

A page to share any app download Link online


appydeveloper calendar

allows users to create events with different categories and presents them in month, day and list/agenda views

Social Media

facebook app

Display all your social media pages within your app


loyalty app

displays Loyalty page where your customers can earn points for rewards


appydeveloper feedback

A configurable native iPhone form (GPS, date, time, camera)

GPS Coupon


Location-based discounting system

Login & Register

login page

display a login page with registration and password recovery



display google map with multiple locations

Mobile Website

appydeveloper mobile website

Any website can be incorporated into the app and be displayed as a page

Music Player

music player app

This page allows users to listen to music files that have been uploaded into the application.

QR Code Scanner

QR code scanner

native QR code scanner with multiple actions

Rates 'N' Reviews

appydeveloper review

Allow users to rate your app in your app

Shopping Cart

shopping cart

displays shopping cart page for customers to but products



displays a mobile Youtube web page for your customers to browse your videos

Other Features



list of pages that users marked as their favorite



provides a way for application users to contact you by email


appydeveloper polls

create your polls and publish them on your app in leb than 5 minutes



allow users to sell their products using Apple InApp Purchase system

Phone Gap

phone gap

enables native features using web techniques

Signature Stamp


write down and save your signature

Email Attachment

appydeveloper email

allows users to send emails with attached files

Dropbox Media List


Download and playback video and audio files from Dropbox

Live Chat

live chat

This page allows users to send messages to each other via public conversations. When a new message is posted, all application users are notified.

Scan A Document

appydeveloper scan

allow scanning a document via camera and convert to the PDF file



A powerful yet simple audio podcast player. Download podcasts for playing anytime, even when offline.

Photo Printing Service

photo printing

With Photo Printing Service you can share the great memories of your life with the loved ones from a distance.

Check In

appydeveloper check in

allows to mark user’s presence in a preset geographical location

Schedules and Timetable


let people know whats on and when

Blog Reader

blog reader

Have a feed of your blog in your app making it easier for your readers to read it

Just Eat

just eat

Special page for integration with online ordering system JustEat

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