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Appy Developer is a UK based development team with expertise in creating custom mobile responsive Websites & Mobile Apps for local businesses in and around the south east of England. We aim to give every customer a personalized experience along with a personal custom plans that fit your budget, your business and your custom to drive your company forwards.

Why Appy Developer was born?

After spending years searching for a great mobile app developer, we finally found a company in India, which to be honest was very hard work and expensive. We found trouble with conversation which personally I (Jamie) think is important especially as the online world can be very confusing. After spending nearly £10,000.00 and months of head ache the 'Local Activity App' our dream was created; but was not created to the high standards that we wished, to be fair we have had nothing but issues since.. This was very disappointing, heart breaking and stressful. This made us look into creating our own Mobile App development company and after years of hard work and many late nights, Appy Developer was born. We have now brought together a great friendly team of developers, designers & virtual admin and marketing assistants growing our team of specialists to provide you with that one to one help you NEED to ACHIEVE your dream GOALS.

Meet The AppyTeam

Jamie Cavanagh Davis
The Creative Mind

It's not that something has to be seen to be believed but more believed to then be seen... Welcome to your project manager full of pure passion & optimism, He will see your vision, understand your detail and brain storms your idea into a working reality. Family event organiser who talks too much!

Appy Dev Co-Founder and all round nice guy

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